Ain't No Tragedy
All The Things We Could've Been
Back to High School
Back To Life
Bad Boys
Best in Me
Broken Heart and a Broken Family
Dangerous Man
Dangerous Man V3
Colors Worthless
Day You Die
Drew Came Back For You
Fade Away
Giving up on Love
Good Enough for You
Got Me Nowhere
Happy Man
I Am So Disappointed
I Dreamed About You So Many Times
I Dug This Grave
I'd Rather Live in this Fantasy
I Know What It's Like
I Looked at You Like a Mirror
I Tried to Tell Him
Insomnia In Check
It Ain't Black and White
Just a Pretty Face
Last Song
Leaving You
Life is a Bust
Like a Kid
Lonely at the Top
Loser Kids [Lyrics]
Lost on You
Love You Anyway
The Love You Wanted
Might as Well
Mind Knows Better
Never Grow Old
Not The Man Who I Thought You Were
Nothing and Heartache
Over You By Christmas
Pick Up The Pieces
Prove Them Wrong
Save Yourself
See the Writing on the Wall
She Told Me
Shoulder to Cry On
Settle Down
Set You Free
Shouldn't It Be Easy
So In Love With You
So Many Times
Someone Like You
Song About Me
Stay Away for Good
Stay With Me
Still Miss You
Stole My Love
Such a Good Man
So Many Times
Swallow Me
The Bleeding Will Stop
The Man Who Put You Down
The One
The One That Got Away
The One That Got Away 2
The Only One Who Ever Loved Me
Tiger Mom
Too Good Not To Share
Troubled Kid
We Could've Tried
You're Not The Only One

© 2021 Ava Burnham